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Your awesome Tagline

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you answer more questions? D:

sorry, been pretty busy…i’ll try a little harder to keep this up!

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Anonymous asked: What makes you purr?

soft rubs I guess but being in human form, well its kind of my weakness and its embarrassing…

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Anonymous asked: Schwabl is your gender-bended version, isn't it? It shouldn't be like, I don't know, maybe like Marceline's cat humanazed? I mean, it has Black fur, so maybe it would be like that. But still loving Schwabl and you, of course! Oh, God. Why areyou so adorable and cute!? Love you :3

thank you! <3

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Anonymous asked: um hello this isn't much of a question but... your face icon thingy and "I am Marshalll lee's cat, HOME, ASK, ARCHIVE, and THEME are overlapping on your Q&As I don't know if it is just my computer or what... I love ur work and would like to "see" it 0^0 ~a fan since you first started

I think its yours because it looks fine to me. thank you for being a fan!